Friday, April 27, 2012

All the learning is useless without one thing.....WILLINGNESS

A very short post today.....
All the blogs, courses, conferences, manuals, videos, presentations, conversation, guidance and training about Agile are all useless without one thing....

Webster's defines Willingness as "The quality or state of being willingfree choice or consent of the willfreedom from reluctancereadiness of the mind to door forbear." or "cheerful compliance"

WILLINGNESS seems to be directly related to answering one question.... WHY?

Without addressing WILLINGNESS to Learn, Change, Adopt, Learn or even Listen, it is all pointless noise.  

Ignoring Willingness is foolish (a.k.a. Change Management)

Mike Caspar

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Willingness Definition : Webster Dictionary On-Line 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Planning Poker Cards For Estimating Projects

A post at with an idea about using Planning Poker Cards to estimate larger amounts of work (projects)...

Planning Poker Card Values Transformed

"Nothing fancy, works quickly, and gets everybody thinking about the big picture."... more