Monday, September 21, 2015

Similarities between Agile Coaching and Flight Instruction

I love this video. Someone I know sent it to me last week. I have seen it before.  It's not my student but is a great representation of why I love to coach. 

The first solo is a big deal (first time without an instructor in the plane).

Some moments I noticed....

1 – When she puts the microphone away to catch her breath when she is airborne (realizing she's made it safely).

2 – When she looks over to see her instructor only to discover what’s happening is REAL.

3 – The HUGE smile after that.

4 – Holding her breath when she starts her descent.

5 – The HUGE smile when she realizes she landed it safely.

The first solo is a big deal...

To me, coaching is about building confidence. It's about finding ways to help people overcome their personal (or business) hurdles and then enjoying that amazing feeling they get when they've made it to their next level. 

Ultimately, when someone has overcome their fears and has the confidence to move forward, the only way to have it really stick for them is to take the leap themselves. They can't be pushed. 

You can "nudge in an encouraging way" or help them overcome fears. However, ultimately they have to take the final step themselves. 

You simply cannot force a first solo to happen. 

Agile Coaching isn't about creating change yourself. It needs to be about helping others to find the courage to make their own changes with your help and support.

I took this while working with a 747  Captain
 getting ready for their first solo water landing.
Getting someone to overcome their fears to achieve their first solo is no different than working with an executive to fundamentally change their organization or a group of people to learn to work as a team.

It takes courage, trust and self-awareness. The job of the coach isn't to be their friend, but to help them reach their goals and objectives.  

Most importantly.... It takes a coach who's joy is watching someone else feel this excited about themselves or their company.

Wow… Very emotional video for me!

Isn't coaching amazing :->

Mike Caspar
Passionate About Agile

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Student Skills Matrix

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