Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Emoji Language and Comic Visual Language

I have a passion for learning about communication between people.

As many of you know, only a portion of communication between us can be achieved in the written or spoken word. 

Any idea that can enhance written communication is always worth learning about.

I recently came across a fascinating article about emoji. The author states... 
"I believe that emoji are still very useful for enhancing and enriching the text of our contemporary digital conversations and interactions, injecting a note of humour, affection or even melancholy into the most concise message." 
The author goes on to describe the Visual Language of Comics. I had never considered emoji or the Visual Language of Comics to be anything other than fun, but taking this view as an improvement to communication is fascinating. 

By example, a word in English might mean something to the writer but interpreted to mean something else by someone with an origin in a different language.

It is fascinating to me is that although the author feels the Visual Language of Comics is more powerful, there seems to be a natural evolution taking place with the emoji language and it already has the ability to improve written communication for everyone with a computer today.

Perhaps the power of emoji is the ability to have a written language combined with visual representation as a method of cross-check of intent. If the visual representation matches what I have assumed to be the message, my understanding is correct. 

As much as I enjoy comics, I know I'm a terrible artist. For me at least, this would be the reason I couldn't conceivably use Comic Language to communicate.

However, if I took emoji seriously, I think it could work.

Here, I'll give it a try...

The fact that I even call it a language, already blows me away.

Here is the original article for your reference....


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