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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some honest talk about electronic tools

Occasionally, a brave soul will bring up the topic of electronic tools in direct opposition to what is going on at many Enterprise clients today. 

I see this type of reaction often from other coaches that arrive at a client where the managers have declared.  "We bought and Enterprise Version of Jira for our Agile Transformation".

Thanks Mishkin for having the courage to bring up this topic again in this linkedIN post.

I have seen a recurrent pattern where companies impose tools on their teams or organizations to "help" them become agile.

What ends up happening is exactly the opposite. 

The tools serve to keep the old management structure in place instead, rather than allowing change to happen. 

At a minimum, a force it on the teams approach often serves to kill self-organization.

If a tool is chosen, the tool should serve the team(s).. 

not the other way around.

Even better... 

If the teams go the tool route....

Consider letting the team(s) choose the tool.

Mike Caspar
Passionate About Agile