Thursday, June 30, 2016

Leaders are not combatants. They are people too!

This post was an absolute must-send based on something I heard and experienced this week (which will remain confidential).

Do you consider yourself to be in the agile coaching business?

If so... Do you use the term "Leaders" to describe an us versus them mentality?

Really... Look inside yourself...

Leadership is important for what we do. Making them enemies if there isn't an immediate acceptance of what you perceive to be "your" cause is harmful.

In fact, it really shouldn't be "your" cause if you're being paid by those same leaders as an agile coach to help them achieve their vision. Yes, I understand there is guidance involved and sometimes the leaders need some help or to be challenged. 

boxing image by Michiyo Kurosawa
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Michiyo Kurosawa through
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Please.. If you disagree with the leader's approach, talk to them, or step away for a break. 

Do not insult absent leaders while in the presence of their people. This most certainly causes confusion with those that you wish to help! 

Consider that your behaviour may in fact be re-enforcing a bad habit loop and creating the problem you perceive. 

You may need to stand up for what is right as part of your job. This I get.

Talking badly about a leader while coaching their teams may to some be considered unprofessional.

Why not try getting to know the leadership instead of jumping right to bashing...

Leaders ...... are people too!

Mike Caspar
Passionate About agile

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