Friday, August 12, 2016

AnsibleFest 2016 Presentation on Test Driven Development for Infrastructure

I recently had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people at AnsibleFest 2016 in San Francisco.

I was presenting a session for beginners on a pattern to introduce Test Driven Development to Infrastructure.

The Test/Maintain Loop for Infrastructure

Actually, it wasn't just beginners... which makes me really happy. :->

To truly do Incremental Infrastructure delivery, we must have an automated way to know that we haven’t broken something else in the system when we make changes.
The key is finding a method to allow constant evolution of our code base (infrastructure).
We do not need to reinvent an approach. Test Driven Development concepts have proven effective in incremental software delivery and can be re-used effectively for infrastructure as code.
Mike Caspar, 2016 

Slideshare of the presentation

Source code of files for the presentaiton

Audio of the session provided by Ansible.

Github source repository for project in the works....


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