Sunday, October 30, 2016

Workshop notes Co-located vs. Distributed Teams and the Agile Manifesto

I recently had the pleasure of presenting a new workshop about co-located versus distributed teams for the Halton Agile-Lean Network in Oakville in collaboration with Nick Norbeck.

We ended up doing this session as a result of a question about some of the principles of the agile manifesto seeming to be in contrast to what people see happening in companies today.

The session involved myself acting as a business person who had a specific market segment and a ton of money to bring it to market (with limited patience ;->).

The attendees spent time working as co-located teams and then an engineered situation where teams would be asked to work on the same product but from different locations and time zones.

When we were done, we asked everyone to note Differences between the first and second round (co-located versus distributed).

As is my style, the question was rather vague. This allows people to bring their own interpretations as to what was important for them. 

Here are the resulting comments from the workshop (in no particular order). I used the exact same Case (capitals and smalls) to keep as close as possible to the originals.  

According to our two teams there were differences between co-located and distributed in the following ways....


  • Anxious
  • Energy Dropped with Distributed Team
  • Positive
  • Positive Energy
  • Increasingly Positive
  • Focus
  • R1: calm, R2: anxious
  • Smaller group -> more energy per person required


  • Communication
  • 1 - more relaxed, 2 less relaxed
  • distributed. uncertainty about integration -> communication
  • more personal
  • collaboration
  • First round felt safer - ALL IN
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • more pressure from PO when group is smaller


  • A Stronger Sense of Urgency in the 2nd Round
  • Dedication
  • Strengths & Skills
  • Less connection
  • Frantic/rushed when we got together
  • missing info/stuff
  • :-( other team mates didn't care about other team
  • Teams are much harder to collaborate
  • Skill Matrix is important


  • Clarity
  • Communication Breakdown
  • Quality focused
  • Better definition
  • Webex or Video to Run through sprints
  • just get on with it
  • pre-agreed process or agreement
  • a bit less thinking and or planning in 2nd round

Thank you to the awesome participants of this experiment. It was fun to see the excitement in the room.

Also, thank you Nick. It was great to work with you on this.

References and links

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Halton Agile-Lean Network

Join the Halton Agile-Lean Network (anyone in the Halton region with interest is welcome)

Nick Norbeck

Workshop - Co-located vs Distributed Teams

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