Monday, November 28, 2016

Change can be fun or exciting

Over the last few weeks, I have seen a repeating theme in my social media feeds.

That theme... "Change is Hard" 

In my lifetime, I have been part of change, both positive and negative. 

Some of that change was imposed on me from above, and some from market forces. In some cases, personal interactions create change. My reaction to these different situations is very different for sure.

If you are a person who helps others to embrace or live through change (whatever your interpretation of change is)....

... consider the damage you are causing by inspiring fear where it simply may not be appropriate or necessary.

I can say from both personal and professional experience...

Change does not have to be hard.

It can be fun or exciting!

Please stop giving the impression that hard change is mandatory.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Follow Rachel Perry as she learns to use Scrum to deliver a product to improve her community

Today I want to share an inspiring story about a person who is learning to apply agile values and principles through experimentation in both personal and business aspects of her life.

My first sign of this was from a post Rachel Perry made about trying to deliver a newsletter for the company she works for with her team. 

She took her understanding of Scrum to experiment with an approach to delivering a weekly newsletter using "Sprints" and a focus on learning. She blogs about it here at

For those of you that are interested in using Scrum in non-IT environments, it's worth following some of Rachel's learning as she progresses in her journey.

She is also developing social service product
to help communities. Read about it here.

If you would like to learn more, I'm sure she'd appreciate you reaching out to her to learn more (or help in your community).

Good luck Rachel as you progress on your journey.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An agile approach helps educators see better financial results to support their students

Someone pointed out today that forgot to post a reference to an article for my usual blog followers... 

Image (c) Blueprint Education, 2016
These two excerpt are from an article published on the Scrum Alliance Member articles section on Aug 24, 2016. It talks a bit about how a new approach can help the business side of charter schools. 
"Central to this turnaround effort was the creation of an Agile culture."

"The discipline of focus produced great results. Relationships also grew deeper from working together through the discouraging times. The result is that the team has developed new competencies, along with an increased confidence." 

If you have an interest in some other posts from this blog about this topic, here are two searches that will give you some more reading material.

link - Agile in Education