Saturday, October 21, 2017

Consider a simple thank you.

I recently witnessed a situation where someone put a huge amount of effort into a post to clarify a topic that many people are confused about. 

In the complex domain being discussed, they were not advocating their explanation as the complete (or best) solution... They were simply helping others to understand based on the specific context of the questions involved.

That person knows that that only one answer cannot solve a complex situation and believes that small steps matter. They are willing to respond in a way to help others instead of trying to correct an entire system in one post.

Many people understand that there will always be something to add or improve in a complex system or understanding.

When a poster creates an article to help others (or simply move the needle a bit), this does not mean they lack knowledge of other approaches or parts of the complex domain.

Please consider that sometimes simply thanking them will help keep everyone engaged and comfortable sharing and learning..... 

One-upping someone is not always necessary (or helpful)... 

How about just saying ... 

"Thanks for the insight"...  

Just a thought.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Blockchain and Privacy

First, let me say I am not an expert on Blockchain. That being said, I have been following the advancements in this domain for some time.

One feature of a Blockchain is that a previously written block cannot be amended or adjusted in any way (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

This all makes for a very secure, distributed history of all things in the chain... 

Blockchain is becoming increasingly talked about in markets involving financial transactions...Trades and currency transactions seem to be a current hot-spot for the concept. 

Recently, I read an article (sorry I do not have the reference, but it stuck with me which is why I created this post).  

The article talked about storing contractor data and recruitment data in a Blockchain and using "smart contracts" to link contractors with potential jobs.  Someone posted it in a feed and proclaimed... "The Blockchain is going Meta".  

I have been wondering about security of sensitive private information and the ability for incorrect or bogus information to be removed.

If you consider that information in a Chain can never be deleted, how does one comply with laws such as the EUs "Right to be Forgotten" legislation  by example? 

My mind races with potential abuses to the concept of information being freely available to anyone with access to the chain.

Consider the example of skills being auto-matched to a requirement.. and the history that would forever exist about this.  I can see several pros and cons to this depending on which side of the situation you are in. 

I sincerely put this question out to experts in Blockchain... 

How DOES information get deleted, or can it (or should it)?  

It seems to me that just because you can put something in a Blockchain, maybe you shouldn't always?

I really don't know the answers.. I just have questions... 

I made this post hoping to find someone wondering.. 

What should go into a Blockchain and how we do we protect our privacy?   I think the time to talk about this is now. If you are in this field, are you having these conversations?

Based on my current understanding of Blockchain, if a country legislated a "Right to be forgotten" for any information in a Blockchain, it would be impossible without starting a brand new chain.  Do I have that right?

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