Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A phrase for your future. Test Driven Development for Infrastructure as Code

Consider spending some time researching the following terms...
  • Test Driven Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as Code
You will find an abundance of information on any of them. There is some, but very little combining the various concepts into one.

Consider that some day the phrase "Test Driven Development for Infrastructure as Code" will become widely used.

As technology gets deployed automatically (think Electricity Grids, Gas or Oil Pipelines, Autonomous Vehicles, Trading Systems, Health Care systems, etc.) the time required to test new features will become harder and harder to execute in a reasonable time-frame. 

This will become evident as you research and learn more about the term "Infrastructure as Code".

Testing in this realm will become increasingly burdensome as IF statements are added to deployment scripts to accommodate different versions of hardware, operating system or environments. 

To help yourself, remember this one question....

How do we know all the security patches and updates are actually there after the deployment script says it is complete?". 

Manually will take too long and might already be too late.

Note: For the novice. It is possible for the script to be complete and indicate completion. However, critical updates have not in fact been executed. If you are not sure how this is possible, ask someone you trust to explain how this is possible. Ask about increasingly complex IF statements.

An answer to this question will ultimately become...

"Test Driven Development for Infrastructure as Code"

As a bonus, this approach will help to bridge the gap between infrastructure, software and testing. This excites me as I enjoy it when people with various backgrounds have the ability to come together to solve or work on a problem.

If you want to learn more, I encourage people in these different groups to spend a bit of time participating in events or conferences put on by the "other" groups. The future synergies might surprise you!  

Enjoy what you learn :->

Mike Caspar

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