Friday, December 21, 2018

Adding a process. Think about how it gets removed.

Are you adding a process to your system?  

Consider deciding and possibly defining under what circumstances it can be removed. 

Otherwise, you may just be stuck with it when it's no longer needed.

I once received a phone call from a mainframe operator who had been running an obsolete procedure for years without knowing it. When an automated procedure aborted, he went through his list of contacts (my guess would be that I was the 20th person in order of priority as the previous people were no longer reachable). 

I asked when the last time the procedure produced paper output was (part of it's procedure was to print invoices). His response; "2 or 3 years ago".

I respected the professionalism of the operator for following his checklists (his system) and asked that he find out if that type of business activity still exists before we proceeded. As suspected, I never heard back from him.  

I later found out that the business need for the procedure stopped 3 years earlier. The error was caused by the back-end server being powered off.

I will always remember this story when someone talks to me about adding a process.  

I always wonder to myself.....  

How will they know if and when this process can be removed?

How many people are executing processes that no longer serve their intended purpose?

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