Monday, December 23, 2019

Automated processes are great. However,

An automated procedure that is verified to "run" is not the same as an automated procedure that has been verified to have "completed properly".

Today, I counted 2 on-line sources of information I use that haven't had important information updated for several months now. 

Because of the missing updates, other parts of their sites aren't working. In one case, their API works but shows only partial information and some information is completely wrong.

If you have automated procedures that update web site details, look-up tables or anything that rarely gets looked at by a person, consider writing some verification tests that run occasionally to make sure your infrastructure is as it should be and that automated procedures are actually completing successfully.  

Perhaps one day you'll get used to writing the tests first!

The more complicated the automated procedure or update, the more likely something will break without you knowing it. The likelihood of this increases if the changes originate from an external party or system.

The worst time to find out an automated procedure is not working is when a customer calls.

For now, just writing tests to confirm what you think will go a long way.

Ask yourself:

What process (manual or automated) do I have in place to make sure scheduled background or automated updates are actually completing properly?

The results may surprise you.

Friday, June 28, 2019

A thought about Quality

Ask yourself....

Is quality determined by the creator or the consumer?

In your context, who is defining quality?